The virtual Pet
that is truly yours

Feed, play, customise and level up your Pet with unique experience of on-chain gaming and explore the true ownership of assets

Dolia Pets is the first game where everything is NFTs, including the Pet character, all in-game assets, food, energy, and even music. This means that you truly own everything in the game, and you can do whatever you want with it.
In Dolia Pets game, you can raise your own unique Pet NFT. You can feed it, play with it, train it, and even dress it up. As your pet grows, it will level up and become stronger. You can also compete with other players in the game to see who can raise the best pet and win a bunch of different prizes


In Dolia Pets game there are 8 different categories of NFT assets:
Skins, Inventory, Rooms, Music, Trophies, Frens, Collectables and Places

And a variety of rarity: Common, Rare and Legend
Each NFT increases the level of your Pet witch allows you to compete with other players

Food and Energy are also NFTs with special
mint-and-burn mechanism


Our Marketplace is a secure and easy-to-use platform that allows you to trade NFTs with other players.

Buy and Sell NFTs using the $PET token or $MATIC

Increase the level of your Pet by collecting unique NFTs and customizing your Pet’s basement


All assets are available for purchase for the $PET You can swap $PET inside the game for USDT or Earn it by plaing mini-games and completing daily activities



Our Leaderboard is a way to track your progress against other players and win crypto prizes every week and month. To appear on the top of the Leaderboard, you will need to have a high level of your Pet. You can increase your Pet's level by feeding it, playing with it, and training it. You can also customize your Pet's basement by buying NFTs from the marketplace witch will increase your level and rank.


The Demo is already available!